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30 for 30 Remix – Day 22

Friday, July 8th, 2011

It’s 97 degrees and 97% humidity here today.  In other words, it’s HOT!  So, in all honesty, did I really wear this jean jacket all day while chasing around a 3 year old and a 4 year old while they were playing in the sprinkler and riding their bikes?

Why, no.

No, I didn’t.

Just sayin’…

jean jacket

silver belt

black tutu skirt

silver tennis shoes

Gap jean jacket, Gap silver tennis shoes, Dillards skirt, Target silver belt, JC Penney bracelets & earrings

30 for 30 Remix – Day 16

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

We were under an excessive heat warning today with temperatures hitting 103.  So the question is:  WHY AM I WEARING A SWEATER?

The answer:  fashion over function, my friends.  Fashion over function.

‘Nuff said.

jean skirt

gold watch

green sweater

Gap sweater, Gap tank top, Old Navy skirt, Gap flip flops, JC Penney necklace, JC Penney earrings, Micheal Kors watch

30 for 30 Remix – Day 13

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Pairing checks and florals must be good luck.  I mean, what other reason could there be for finally finding the perfect console table for my entry way while wearing this outfit?

There isn’t one.

floral skirt

gold watch

checked button down

metalic wedges

JCrew top, Dillards skirt, Gap wedges, Michael Kors watch, JCrew bracelet, JC Penney earrings

30 for 30 Remix – Day 10

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

I love tuelle skirts and when I discovered this one in an adult size, I grabbed it.  Add a pair of silver sneakers, a stripe tank, and slew of silver bracelets and you’ve got a sweet summer outfit.  I mean, why should 5 year old girls have all the fun? 

tutu skirt

silver bracelets

stripe tank top

silver tennis shoes

Gap tank top, Dillards skirt, Gap tennis shoes, Stella & Dot jewelry, Gifted watch

30 for 30 Remix – Day 1

Monday, June 13th, 2011

I love pairing and wearing different patterns, especially stripes and florals.  I mean, it’s day 1 of Kendi’s 30 for 30 Remix – let’s get this party started!

Gap jacket, Gap tank top, Piperlime belt, Stella and Dot jewelry, Michele watch, Lucky shoes

Don’t You Wish Your Skirt Cost $9.87?

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Don’t you just love-a-dub-dub a super steal?  Well, that’s exactly what I got at the Gap this weekend.  I mean, I was already going to buy this originally priced $53 pleated black skirt when I saw it marked down to $15, but when the woman at the register rang it up, it was $9!


And David doesn’t even appreciate my super steal. At. All.


Him:  “What?”


Him:  “Oh, yeah.  It’s nice.”


Him:  “Yeah?  It’s nice.  Good for you.”

So I hope you understand my desperate disire for a little something more than ‘nice.’  And I know I can count of you guys. 

 Ann Taylor Loft t-shirt, Gap skirt, JC Penny bracelets, JC Penny earrings, Target tights, DSW booties

30 for 30 Challenge – Day 27

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

The fog never quite lifted outside here today which all sorts of ironic, because it never quite lifted in my head either.  I mean, seriously – I had to go to the grocery store 3 times today.  Enough said.

But the gloomy weather did insprire my bright outfit.  I never would have paired a yellow top with a purple skirt before Kendi’s 30 for 30 Remix Challenge, but I kind of like it.  Here’s to the fog lifting tomorrow – both outside and inside.

 Ann Taylor Loft t-shirt, BCBG belt, Gap skirt, Target tights, BCBG tights, JC Penney bracelets, JC Penney earrings, Macy’s necklace

30 for 30 Challenge – Day 23

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

I was watching How I Met Your Mother on CBS Monday night when David and I had the following conversation:

Me:  “Hey, that girl on TV is wearing my sweater.”

Him:  “No, that’s not your sweater.”

Me:  “Yes it is!  Look at the ruffle on the side.  That’s my sweater!”

Him:  “Oh, yeah.  I guess it is your sweater.”

Me:  “It’s so cute on her, right?”

Him:  “It’s o.k. on her.  But it looks really pretty on you.”

And that’s just one of many reasons why I keep that kid around.


Ann Taylor Loft t-shirt, Anthropologie sweater, Marshalls skirt, Target tights, Vera Wang for Kohls shoes, JC Penney earrings

30 for 30 Challenge – Day 18

Friday, February 18th, 2011

 I’ve never tucked a sweater into a skirt before and belted it, but now that I’m on day 18 of Kendi’s 30 for 30 Challenge, I’m really being forced to style my stuff differently since my clothing options are so limited.  Would I do it again?  I would!  I really like the look.  But what I like more:  the remix concept itself.  I can’t wait to get my hot hands on the rest of my wardrobe and put into action all I’ve learned over the last 18 days. 

Have a happy weekend!

Gap sweater, Gap tights, BCBG shoes, Target tights, Marshalls belt, Old Navy flower, JC Penney earrings, JC Penney bracelets

30 for 30 Challenge – Day 17

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Friends don’t let friends wear circle skirts on windy days.  Seriously, I don’t even want to know how many helpless people I flashed while wearing this outfit today. 

And, that’s all I have to say about that. 

Ann Taylor Loft shirt, Marshalls skirt, Gap jacket, Gap scarf, Target tights, BCBG shoes, Target earrings, Marshalls belt

30 for 30 Challenge – Day 11

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Some days I might mix a whole bunch of solid pieces, but what I really love is pattern.  But we’ve all been there: you have two great pieces that seem to coordinate.  Trouble is?  They are both patterned.  Do you dare?  Do they “go?”  There’s no exact science, but the following are some simple rules that should make getting dressed a little easier.

Don’t wear two or more bold patterns together.  The result is that they just compete with each other, and people will either think you got dressed drunk or in the dark.

Mix patterns that are in the same color family.  This is kind of a no-brainer way to change it up with more than one pattern.

Don’t go overly matchy-matchy.  Head to toe black and white polka dots in various sizes may seem like you’re following rule number one, but really you just look like you’re on your way to your prom.  In 1986.

Some patterns are neutrals: Think tweed skirts and trousers or a small houndstooth.  They are so classic and understated, they become a neutral.

Mix patterns of different weights.  For instance, a cotton or silk blouse with a small dot or stripe pattern with a wool argyle sweater vest is a easy way to mix patterns.  This look can even go with tweed and houndstooth for lots of visual interest, but no competing patterns.