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Toddler Talk

Monday, April 16th, 2012


Me:  “Okay, get out of the shower and go to the bathroom.”

Latham:  “No, I don’t have to.  Daddy said I could potty in here as long as I hit the drain.”

The toilet training technique my husband secretly shared with my 3 year old.

A Potty Training Tale

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

“I have to go potty,” you announce the other day

And as you run for the restroom, I think, ‘there’s no way.’


We’ve never practiced on the potty- not one little bit

But since you’re so convinced, I decide to let you try it.


And so you grunt, and you push, and you wrinkle your face

You squeeze, and you breathe, and you sit right in place.


And when it finally happens, neither of us can believe it

And then we laugh really loud until our sides almost split.


He gives you a high five when we run and tell your brother

He says he’s so proud of you – way more than any other.


But no one could ever be more proud of you than me

You’re my 2 year  boy who taught himself how to potty.



Toddler Talk

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Reichen:   “Mommy!  Mommy!”

Me:   “Yes, baby?”

Reichen:  “Can you bring me a magazine?  I need to look at it while I’m in here pooping.”

Toddler Talk

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Reichen:  “Mommy?”

Me:  “Yes, baby?”

Reichen:  “Never flush me down the stool.”

Me:  “Okay.  I’ll never flush you down the stool.”

Reichen:  “I would be really scared if you flushed me down the stool.”

Me:  “Don’t worry, I’ll never flush you down the stool.”

Reichen:  “Promise?”

Me:  “Promise.”

A Potty Poem

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Whatever your brother does, you want to do, too

Riding bikes or playing cars, it doesn’t matter to you.


But you catch me by surprise with your latest request

Going tinkle on the potty is such a big boy conquest.


‘HELP MOMMA’ you say while giving your pants a yank

There’s no way, he’s not ready, this must be a prank.


But I plop you on the potty and you sit there and smile

I tell you to be patient since this could take awhile.


We wait and we wait, and I promise you’ll see

And before we both know it, you’re going wee wee.


I yell for your brother so he can celebrate too

He gives you and hug and says, ‘I’m so proud of you!’


I know it’s not over and it’s just the beginning

But you and me together –  we can do anything.



Who’s Your Momma?

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

“Who is your momma, Momma?”  It takes me by surprise, his question.  With brows furrowed, Reichen peers at me through the rear view mirror waiting for an answer.  We’re in the minivan driving to Target.  I promised my potty training toddler he could pick out one toy from the super store if  he went #2 on the toilet.  A few minutes and a series of squeezes later, we had a winner.

“My momma is Nina,” I smile at him and say.  ‘Nina’ named herself after my brother gave her her first grandchild seven years ago.  I’m not sure why she didn’t want to be called ‘grandma’, but I have a sneaking suspicion it had a something to with her feeling too young to take the title.

Your momma is Nina,” he squints while questioning my reply.

“Yeah, buddy.  Nina is my momma,” I confirm.

Reichen mulls it a minute before asking, “Momma?  Who is Dadda’s momma?”

I see it.  It’s happening right in front of me.  He’s making connections, my first born.  He’s beginning to think outside himself.

“Dadda’s momma is Grandma,” I say.

“Dadda’s momma is Grandma,” he reiterates.

During the 10 minute trip to Target, we go through quite a few branches of our family tree.  Who are my brothers, aunts, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas.  Who are daddy’s brothers, aunts, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas.

And he gets it.  And it’s amazing. 

Almost as amazing as him going #2 on the toilet. 


Chugga Chugga Poo Poo

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010



I hear it coming, it’s on the way

In fact, it’s here and it’s here to stay.


The potty train is at your front door

And I’m the conductor yelling, “All Aboard!”


You get mad and say it’s not for you

To that, I reply “Chugga Chugga Poo Poo!”


You think it’s funny and laugh a little bit

Until you’re on the stool and then you start to kick.


You’re filled full of  fluids and I know you have to go

But when I ask you if you’re ready, you say ‘No! No! No!!”


So we continue to sit and wait several minutes

We read, play games, and I try every gimmick.


I tell you there’s candy, it’s your favorite reward

You just have to potty and every piece can be yours.


We wait and we wait and get really bored

But suddenly you’re ready and both of us are floored.


You did it! I knew it! I’m so full of elation!

Reichen’s train has finally left the potty station.

Toddler Talk

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Me:  “Reichen, are you poopy?”

Reichen:  “No, I’m not poopy.  I’m happy!”

What my 2 1/2 year old toddler tells me when I ask him if he needs his diaper changed.

Poop Floats

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Reason #212 my 2 1/2 year old son is not ready to potty train:

Reichen:  “I want to swim in the bath, Momma.”

Me:   “Okay, baby.  I’ll dry off your brother while you swim in the tub a little more.”

Reichen:   “Okay, Momma.”

Me:   “Reichen, what’s that smell?”

Reichen:   “Reichen poop, Momma.”

Me:   “What?!?!?”

Reichen:   “I poop in tub, Momma.”

Me:   “No way…”

Reichen:   “Momma, poop floating in bath!”

Me:   “I guess it does, buddy.”

“Good Job, Momma!”

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

I use a lot of positive reinforcement in our home.  When my 2 1/2 year old little dude finishes lunch, I say “Good job!”  When he helps me put toys away, I say “Good job!”  When he brushes his teeth before bed, I say “Good job!”

Today, I was surprised to learn that my toddler is a fan of positive reinforcement too.

Momma:  “Momma needs to go potty, doodle bug.  Come watch momma use the big boy potty.”

Reichen:  “No.”

Momma:  “C’mon, it’ll be lots of fun!”

Reichen:  “Okay, Momma.”

I’ll kindly spare you the ugly details of the actual event.

Momma:  “Okay, Reichen.  That’s all there is to it.  That was easy, huh?”

Reichen:  “Good job, Momma!”

Momma:  “Thanks, Buddy.”