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The Ciaté Caviar Manicure

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Great Britain seems to be shaping up as a breeding ground for cool nail lines. There’s Nails Inc., which turned us Statesiders on our side with stunning glitter effects polish as well as magnetic manicures, and now has Couture, a nifty personalized nail experience where you can pick your color, polish bottle cap, and box adornments.

And now there is Ciaté, which has a cult following in the U.K.  Started by Charlotte Knight, a top U.K. editorial manicurist who also has a chain of highly successful nail bars, the brand offers everything from polish colors to hand and foot care.

And now Ciaté has finally crossed the pond and brought us the Caviar Manicure.  It puts 3-D nail art at your fingertips. The kit comes with a Paint Pot, a bottle of “Caviar pearls“—which look like seed beads, but lack the little pin hole—a tray to catch any errant pearls that wish to escape you, and a little funnel for making sure you don’t lose any of those precious pearls that managed to escape.

The steps are fairly simple: After applying two coats of the supplied Paint Pot, place your finger over the provided tray and sprinkle on your pearls. Once you achieve full coverage, gently push the pearls down using your finger (this supposedly makes them last longer). Then you’ll go about funneling all your escapee pearls back into their bottle, and probably read your latest issue of Allure or watch Dance Moms repeats—I don’t know what you do, but this is what I do—and after 20 minutes, you have yourself some Caviar nails.

The Ciaté Caviar Manicure is kind of pricey – $25 for the set – and if you want it, it’s now available at Sephora.  But there are a lot of do-it-yourself videos and tutorials on the web that will show you how to get the same look for less.  This video is my favorite.

So, are you as excited for Ciaté’s stateside debut as I am? Would you wear a Caviar Manicure?

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