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The Best and The Brightest – Blue

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Electric Blue.  A hue that flatters all skin tones.  how to wear electric blue



1.  Ballet Flat

2.  Pants

3.  Sash Belt

4.  Leather Belt

5.  Sunglasses

6.  Tights

7.  Shorts

8.  Dress

9.  Platform Pumps

10.  Skirt

11.  Bracelet

12.  Scarf

13.  Nano Wrist Strap

14.  Necklace

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Belt It Out

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

You all have one – and if you don’t, you should.  Belts are my obsession.  I wear one with everything from dresses and blazers, to pants and cardigans.  And if you’re a little nervous about dipping your toe in the pop of color trend that’s so popular right now, a belt is an easy way to incorporate a crazy color into your outfit.

But here’s the thing:  storing belts drives me crazy.  For years, I’ve simply slung them over a wire hanger – and it never fails that the one I want, is always at the bottom.  Always.  So when I saw this jewelry tray on super sale while shopping the other day, I thought it might make a perfect home for all my beloved belts.

And it did.

A jewelry tray is a simple solution that worked for me and I just thought I’d share.  I mean, if I can save just one woman with my story, then my years of storage struggle have been totally worth it.  Totally.

storage solutions for the closet

storage solutions for the closet

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Valentine Goodie Guide

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Making blueberry lemon muffins in heart cupcake papers for my boys to take to preschool today totally put me in the Valentine’s Day spirit.  Reichen and Latham laughed, jumped up and down, and clapped like crazy at the thought of  passing out the sweet treats wrapped in the pretty print to all their friends. 

And that’s the same reaction I hope you have this holiday, but in case your loved one needs a little help, I put together the following Valentine Goodie Guide.


p.s.  David, just in case you’re reading this, #11 would totally make me laugh, jump up and down, and clap like crazy.  Just sayin’…

Valentine Gift Ideas

1.  Swatch Watch – red

2. Heart Stud Earrings

3. Heart Print Dress

4.  To Love YouGiclee

5.  Pleated Skirt

6.  Valentine Cupcake Papers

7.  Silk Scarf

8.  Heart Print Platform

9.  Red Heart Bobby Pins

10. Red Heart Pocket Mirror

11.  Swatch Watch – pink

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Date Night Duds

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

I love when David strolls through a store and sees a pretty pair of pink heels, he thinks of me.  It makes getting dressed for date night that much more delightful.

Gap boyfriend blazer, Macys dress, Target tights, Jessica Simpson heels, Stella & Dot bracelets and necklace, Michele watch

All That Glitters is Gold

Friday, December 30th, 2011

What could be more glamorous than gold? The shimmering metallic color has recently made a stunning resurgence, appearing not only in decorative objects and picture frames, but also in furnishings, sunglasses, and nail polish. It can be as gleaming and reflective as chrome and silver, but gold also has the advantage that its sunny character is infinitely warmer.

Here are a few of my favs.  Enjoy!

1.  Report SignatureMontauk

2.  Kate Spade Ooh La La Necklace

3. Michael KorsOversized Runway

4.  SEPHORA by OPI As good As gold

5.  Ray-BanRound Frame

6.  Z Gallerie Potted Twig Tree

7.  Hive & HoneySkinny Glitter

8.  MAKE UP FOR EVER Rock For Ever Aqua Eyes

9.  Crate & Barrel Jules Accent Table

10.  TibiMetallic Jersey Halter Dress

11.  Angelfish by Sperry Top-Sider

12.  Troy Lighting F301 Maidstone Large Pendant

Oh, Dana Kellin How You Dissapoint Me.

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

The first pair of earrings David ever bought me was by designer Dana Kellin.  I discovered her collection of intricate, understated and ultra-feminine jewelry years and years ago at a boutique in  Portland, Oregon and immediately told David I needed a piece for my birthday.

And, as usual, he didn’t disappoint.

When I peeled away the packaging on that birthday present many years ago, I found the most beautiful pair of small, understated, wire-wrapped amethysts.  They were breathtakingly pretty and simple.  I wore them a million times then, and I wear them a million times now.

I love them.

Dana Kellin Designer Earrings

Since then, David has added a couple more of Dana Kellin’s creative, delicate, and antique-inspired pieces to my jewelry collection.  And I adore every piece.

So, imagine how super psyched I was when I was flipping through this month’s People StyleWatch magazine and saw an ad that stated Dana Kellin was designing a collection for everyone’s favorite big-box store, Target

I was super psyched, that is, until I touched it.

Dana Kellin for Target

The collection features necklaces and earrings ranging in price from $9.99 to $49.99 and seriously, I wouldn’t pay $.99 on clearance for it.  The pieces look and feel really cheap.  And the gorgeous wire wrapping Kellin is known for and adds to every piece of her high-end collection is no where to be found. 

I am so disappointed.  I appreciate that Target brings high-end designers and their collections to the masses so everyone can touch, feel, and own the pieces, but Dana Kellin’s collection in no way reflects her design taste, quality, or style.  And frankly, I’m surprised she allowed her name to be associated with with such cheap and uninspired jewelry.

The bottom line:  don’t buy it.  It’s cheap.  It’s plastic.  It’s boring.

Oh, So Charming!!!

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Anthropologie is supplying shoppers with yet another covetable find with their newly-unveiled collection of charms and matching necklaces, designed in collaboration with  John Wind. In my opinion, the collab is a perfect partnership; Wind’s vintage-meets-modern design style is well-suited for the aesthetic of the giant retail chain.

You’ll spot Wind’s love of mixed media within the charm collection, which reflects the “Grandma’s jewelry box” theme of the designer’s own creations for fall 2011. The flea market-chic collab for Anthropologie includes twenty different “fascinators,” like fluffy feathers, natural stones, heart-shaped whistles, and wooden letters, most accented by brass hardware. My favorite part: prices are relatively low, ranging from $15 to $18 per piece.


Sweet and Simple

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

I heart this sweet and simple jewelry collection from designer Pheobe Coleman.  And I’m really hoping Santa will bring me a piece or two for Christmas.

Hint. Hint. Hint.

(Subtle, right? I thought so.)


30 for 30 Remix – Day 30

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

When you leave an orange lipstick in your pocket and proceed to place it in the dryer along with every. piece. of. denim. in the house, you don’t really feel like blogging.

But after removing every. single. stain. from the denim AND the dryer, you do!

So here it is, day 30 of Kendi’s 30 for 30 Remix Challenge.  And the only thing I would do different:  more shorts and shirts – less pants and jackets.

I hope you guys had fun with it.  I sure did!  Thanks for all the fun feedback!

Now, back to 3 Stinky Boys and Me regular scheduled programing.

madras shorts

stacking necklaces

navy blazer

Lucky Brand heels

Gap blazer & shorts, Lucky Brand heels, Loft tank top, Target necklace, Michele watch

30 for 30 Remix – Day 29

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Finding a something that’s both fashionable and functional is like the clothing equivalent of striking gold: rare but amazing when it happens. Luckily, there’s a wardrobe staple that not only meets the above criteria, but is also the essence of summery chic: the maxi dress. Whether it’s worn in a casual way for day or dressed up for the evening, these must-have frocks not only come in an array of fits and fabrics, they also can be customized to work for a range of tastes.

Just sayin’…


gold jewelry

pony tail

wedge shoes

Nordstrom dress, Gap wedges, Michael Kors watch, Target necklace, JC Penney earrings & bracelets

30 for 30 Remix – Day 28

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

Okay.  Not the best lighting ever to take a picture, so good thing you’ve seen all the items in this outfit like 10 other times during the past 28 days, right?


stripe shirt

gold necklace

skinny jeans

Lucky Brand sandals

Gap jeans, Loft top & jacket, JC Penney necklace & bracelets, Michael Kors watch, Lucky Brand sandals

30 for 30 Remix – Day 27

Friday, July 15th, 2011

 You know what’s more awesome than looking at pictures of me?

Looking at even more pictures of me!

Josh and Jenny of Solar Photographers just took the most amazing photos of our family and if you click here, you can see them all for yourself. 

And….  thank goodness we only have 3 more days of Kendi’s 30 for 30 Remix Challenge.  I mean, even I’m getting sick of myself.  But if you’re not sick of this shirt, it’s now on super sale at JCrew.

jcrew button down

Michele watch

jean skirt

silver sneakers

JCrew button down shirt, Gap sneakers, Old Navy skirt, Stella & Dot jewelry

30 for 30 Remix – Day 26

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

I’m so sad you can’t really see the gorgeous gold and sparkly color on my fingers and toes because it’s totally awesome.  It really is.  But just because my pretty polish doesn’t translate to pictures, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go grab yourself a great big bottle of it.

It’s by OPI for Sephora and it’s called ‘Looks like Rain, Dear’.  The color is a metallic golden color which adds a twinkle of light to your nails with small sparkles of confetti.  Try it!  You’ll like it!

jean jacket

Stella & Dot earring

red shorts

Lucky Brand sandals

Loft shorts, Lucky Brand sandals, Gap jean jacket, Stella & Dot jewelry, Michele watch

30 for 30 Remix – Day 25

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Tucking in your shirt is an advanced style maneuver- one I never thought I’d pull out of my fashion bag of tricks again.  I mean, I ‘tucked’ in high school, but I broke up with the fad the second I stepped into college.   But lately, I’m seeing ‘the tuck’ everywhere, which is why I decided to give it another go during Kendi’s 30 for 30 Remix Challenge

I kind of like it.

David kind of doesn’t.

What do you think?  Tuck or no tuck?  That is the question.

madras shorts

silver belt

orange stripe shirt

sparkle flip flops

Gap shorts, Gap flip flops, Loft t-shirt, Charming Charlie hat, Stella & Dot bracelet, Target belt

30 for 30 Remix – Day 24

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Often times, when I need a casual yet chic outfit for a lunch date, impromptu party, or girls night out, I pull out my skinny jeans and pair it with a blazer.  I even wore the classic combination when I attended an outdoor musical, 9 to 5, with my mother-in-law.  So, if you don’t have a simple black or navy blazer in your closet, you’ve got to get one.  When you add this wardrobe staple to your fashion diet, your style will never go hungry.  And to switch it up, you can accessorize with belts, handbags, scarves and jewelry.

stripe shirt

Stella & Dot Necklace

skinny jeans

lucky brand sandals

Gap jeans, Lucky Brand sandals, Banana Republic blazer, Loft tank top, Stella & Dot necklace, JC Penney earrings, Michael Kors watch