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Valentine’s Day Debacle 2012 Averted

Monday, February 13th, 2012

After the Valentine’s Day Debacle of 2011, I decided to skip the store bought cards for Reichen and Latham’s preschool party this year in favor of something special.


Are you impressed?  Don’t be.  These personalized Valentine’s are super simple to make and I love the visual illusion the card creates.

Happy crafting!

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Watts Up

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

I’m all about a pop of color pump these days.  I mean, does #8 look familiar?  I wore them to drinks and dinner just the other night.  But even though I own a pair of pretty pink pumps, that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve another. 

Neon yellow, anyone?


1.  Jessica Simpson Evannan


3.  MEASE Peach Yellow

4.  MEASE Fuchsia

5.  Karmine

6.  CAPECORAL Purple

7.  Love Me Patent Pump

8.  Jessica Simpson Evannan 

9.  CAPECORAL Orange

I Don’t Know Whose Kids These Are, But They’re Not Mine.

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

I don’t know who these kids are in the following photos, but they’re not mine.  I mean, they kind of look like mine, but they’re not.  I’m sure of it.

Here’s the deal – just before our good friends, Josh and Jenny, from Solar Photography started snapping these shots, Reichen nicked his thumb.

And it started bleeding.

A little, teeny, weeny, itty, bitty, bit.

But from the way our 5 year old was carrying on, and on, and on, and on, and on, you would have thought that kid cut his carotid.

“WAH!!! I CAN’T GET ON THE CAROUSEL,” Reichen screamed into my ear while clutching my neck.

“Yes you can, baby!  It’ll be so much fun!  Josh and Jenny are going to take pictures of us on there!  You’ll LOVE it,” I tried telling him in my best 1992 senior of the high school cheerleading squad voice.

“WAH!!! NO, IT WON’T BE FUN! MY THUMB HURTS!  IT’S BLEEDING,” he carried on while crying crocodile tears that are making his face all red and splotchy.

“Your thumb isn’t even bleeding, baby,” I cooed while rubbing his back.

“WAH!!! YES IT IS!!!  I NEED A BAND-AID,” he cried.

And with that, I loaded all my 3 boys on the teacups thinking there is NO WAY Josh is going to get a good shot.

And then we hopped on the horses.

“WAH,” Reichen wined, “I WANT TO SIT ON THE DRAGON!!!”

“WAH,” Latham cried, “I WANT TO SIT ON THE DOLPHIN!!!”

“Listen guys,” David told them, “those animals are not together.  We all need to sit together on the carousel, so Josh can take a picture of us as a family.  After Josh is done, you can ride on whatever animal you want.”

“WAH!!! NOOOOO DADDY,” the boys both bellowed.

And again, I think there is no way Josh is going to be able to get a good shot.

Then, we were off to the outdoor ice skating rink.  David and I have never taken the boys ice skating before, but we thought it might make for cute pictures.

That is, until we buckled the boys into their skates.

‘OH NO!  THIS IS NOT A GREAT IDEA,” Latham started screaming.

“OH NO! THIS IS NOT A GREAT IDEA!  OH NO! THIS IS NOT A GREAT IDEA!  OH NO! THIS IS NOT A GREAT IDEA!”  It was a bit of a Rain Man moment for our nervous 3 year old.  He wanted nothing to do with ice skating.  Nothing.

Everyone around us was giggling including our friend and photographer Jenny.

“I know it’s not funny,” she said while trying to stifle a giggle, “but it is.”

I agreed.  I would totally be cracking up too, if we weren’t trying to take pictures.

And, once again, I think there is no way Josh and Jenny are going to get a good shot.

I don’t know how they did it, but they did.  Josh and Jenny of Solar Photography are amazing.  And these are just a few of the shots they sent us.  I seriously have 80 amazing pictures to choose from.  I’m not sure how they captured all these incredible moments, but I’m so glad they did.

But even though there’s picture proof, I’m still not sure the kids in those photos are mine.  I mean, they kind of look like them, but there’s no way that’s them – not on that day.

No. Way.

New York City: Day 1

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

My brother-in-law, Scott, lives in New York, so whenever he asks us to visit, he barely gets the words out of his mouth before David and I show up on his doorstep.  And last weekend was one such weekend.  So, after dropping the two boys off with grandma, we flew to New York for a whirlwind 72 hour adventure.

And boy, are our arms tired.  Ba-dah-dump!

In the past, we’ve taken bus tours, visited countless landmarks, and learned all about NYC architecture, but since my brother-in-law had to work Friday,  I told David we’re going shopping.  And we did. 

Day 1:  Soho. 



David and I started our morning at Grey Dog in Soho and we couldn’t have stumbled upon a better place.  At Grey Dog, the prices are good, but the food is even better.  There, you’ll find a spread of breakfast and lunch standards with some original twists, like the challah French toast (which is what I ate).

Their baked goods and takeout options also looked really yummy for those on the go.  And the ambiance:  chill and modern.  Check out the caged pendant lighting they have hanging over the serving counter.  So cute, right?  And if you order lunch, according to the menu board, every sandwich comes with ‘a cute little salad.’

This place was so fun!

Our first shopping stop:  Lollipop.

Unlike some of its more off-the-wall neighbors, this Nolita boutique has struck a good balance between well-cut basics like raincoats and cotton tees and more unusual statement pieces like draped wool skirts and fun hats.

I didn’t buy anything here at Lollipop, but really, really, really wanted to.  Sigh.


Located on a charming, tree-lined block in the Manhattan neighborhood of NoLita, I bought the most beautiful beaded belt from Poppy.  The small clothing boutique is known for carrying a well edited mix of indy and established contemporary collections. 

While strolling the streets of Soho, I gasped when I randomly discovered the store Second Time Around, an upscale consignment shop which features ultra high end designers such as Gucci, Luboutin, Fendi, and Prada.  But the store, and the people who work there, are also stars of Bravo’s new reality show Fashion Hunters, which I LOVE.

The shop was so amazing and everything and more Bravo promised it would be.  And two of the show’s stars, Tara and Karina were actually working there.  The girls were so helpful and sweet, but alas, I didn’t buy a thing.  Most of the clothes I tried on were too big. 

I don’t remember where David and I stopped to get this gorgeous cup of cappuccino, but when I talked to the barista about the beautiful, elaborate design in the foam, he told me it wasn’t just about showing off, it’s actually about proving to the customer that the milk is properly steamed and will therefore hold its form.

Who knew!


Uniqlo has such an amazing store front and display that I had to pop in and see what it was all about.  And I was so not disappointed.

Specializing in well-made basics that rarely cost more than $100, this US flagship of the Japanese brand (which was founded in 1984) is sprawling, well-lit and immaculately organized. Leggings, sweaters, coats, tops, pants, vests, tights, skirts and T-shirts are everywhere you look, in bright colors and bold patterns. Look for inexpensive cashmere, signature fleece jackets and Uniqlo’s popular denim line, which has tourists and local hipsters lining up at the cash register.

I bought one Uniqlo’s light weight black puffy coats.  It’s form fitting, super cute, and really warm.  I love it!


From the outside, 459 Broome Street looks like any other chic SoHo shop. Inside, however, lies a wonderland. Purl SoHo is an upscale fabric, yarn, sewing, knitting and needlework supply oasis for creative individuals of all ages. Opened in 2002, Purl boasts floor to ceiling yarn and fabric choices. Walk in and you will understand the store’s mantra—“Create your world.”

Many crafts stories focus on one discipline—knitting, needlepoint, sewing, or quilting. Purl covers virtually everything. Want to knit a sweater? Baby blanket? Warm scarf for that special someone? Purl has a wide variety of yarns made of angora, mohair, cashmere and more, so you can be as imaginative as you like. If needlepoint is your thing, Purl can get you started on that project, whether a pillow, ottoman, tote bag, or stuffed animal. Embroidery aficionados will find inspiration and plenty of colorful threads for all those fancy stitches.

The store I could not miss while in NYC:  Jonathan Adler.  I am a super fan of his pottery, wallpapers, home decor, and furniture.  And I was not disappointed.  Adler’s space is bursting with everything from beds and sofas to chandeliers and thick wool geometric patterned rugs. The bright, energetic theme carries over to countless accessories such as needlepoint pillows reading “happy”; sunburst mirrors; sheet sets in graphic cocoa-colored prints; dinnerware in brilliant colors; assorted animal statuettes; and tongue-in-cheek cookie jars labeled “Downers,” “Quaaludes,” and “Prozac.”

I wanted everything, of course, but settled for a pair of pretty candle sticks and a little catch all bowl to set on my nightstand to put my rings and other jewelry in at night.

The best part of my Jonathan Adler experience:  Daniel, the store manager.  He told me all about Jonathan Adler including how the designer says goodbye whenever he speaks to someone on the phone.  Daniel told me Adler always says ‘Au revoir,’ (which means goodbye in french) and then an animal sound like ‘oink, moo, or quack.”

How quirky is that?

And all this was only day one!  Stay tuned for day two of David and my New York City adventure!

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 31st, 2011

optimus prime bumblebee

30 for 30 Remix – Day 30

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

When you leave an orange lipstick in your pocket and proceed to place it in the dryer along with every. piece. of. denim. in the house, you don’t really feel like blogging.

But after removing every. single. stain. from the denim AND the dryer, you do!

So here it is, day 30 of Kendi’s 30 for 30 Remix Challenge.  And the only thing I would do different:  more shorts and shirts – less pants and jackets.

I hope you guys had fun with it.  I sure did!  Thanks for all the fun feedback!

Now, back to 3 Stinky Boys and Me regular scheduled programing.

madras shorts

stacking necklaces

navy blazer

Lucky Brand heels

Gap blazer & shorts, Lucky Brand heels, Loft tank top, Target necklace, Michele watch

30 for 30 Remix – Day 21

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

It is hot, hot, hot here.  And by hot, I mean I’m absolutely melting in this pair of cropped pants.  Whose idea was it to include 3 pairs of pants, 4 jackets, and 2 cardigan sweaters Kendi’s 30 for 30 Remix Challenge?

Oh yeah, it was mine.


cropped pants


brown belt

brown heels

Gifted t-shirt, The Limited cropped pants, Lucky Brand heels, Charming Charlie bracelets, Gifted ring, Michael Kors watch, JC Penney earrings

30 for 30 Remix – Day 15

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

While I love hats, scarves, and a big bunch of bracelets, nothing can accessorize an outfit better than my boys.  My little guys were riding their bikes when David snapped these shots and they stopped everything to pop in the picture.  How could I resist?

jean romper

fedora hat

jean romper

silver bracelets

Gap jean romper, Gap silver shoes, Stella & Dot bracelets, Michele watch, Charming Charlie hat

A Party for Latham

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

It was a party for monsters you said that you wanted

So we invited a few friends and got it all started.


There were balloons and streamers and signs of all sorts

And a pinata filled with candy swinging on the back porch.


Nina made you a monster cake with his arms in the air

And after blowing out the candles we cut him up to share.


I made your friends masks and you thought they were great

You asked if you could wear one – you just couldn’t wait.


It was such a fun party, my birthday boy of 3

Thank you so much for celebrating it with me!


A Song For Baby’s Brother

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

The slides were wet when we went to the park to play.  And they hate wet slides.

“Mommy,” my two boys beg, “can you wipe them off?”

I sigh.  They must be the only boys in the world who hate to get wet, I think.  Luckily, I packed a picnic.  And with it, paper towels.  A lot of them.

“There you go,”  I say after swiping the equipment dry.  “They’re safe.”

I watch as they scream and scamper off to swirl down the slides.  It’s so easy to make them happy.  And I love that.

I pop on my sunglasses and watch through the lenses as they laugh, and play, and run, and sway.

My mom is in town.  She watches them too from behind her camera.  She’s capturing memories for her return home.  She doesn’t get to see us as much as she likes.  But she’s here now.  And we’re soaking her up.

She grabs their hands and runs with them as they take her on their next adventure.  They need rocks they say.  Lots of rocks. 

My mom and I watch from the picnic bench as they grab handful, after handful, after handful of rocks.  The pebbles, they inform us in their broken and perfect toddler talk, have a purpose.

“Mommy,” Reichen whispers. “I’m making a cake for Baby’s brother.”

‘Baby’ is my four-year-old’s stuffed lambie he’s slept with every night since he was born.    ‘Baby’s brother’ is the name given to his new stuffed lambie from the Easter Bunny.

“Wait here,” he instructs us.  “I’ll be right back.”

He returns with a sick and places it carefully in the middle of his pile of pebbles.

“This,” he whispers, “is Baby’s brother’s candle.”

He stops.  And thinks.  And asks, “Can we sing Happy Birthday to Baby’s brother?”

And so we do.  All four of us.  And I laugh.

It’s so easy to make me happy.  And I love that.

30 for 30 Challenge – Day 30

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Drum roll please….   HERE IT IS – my 30th outfit for Kendi’s 30 for 30 Remix Challenge. 

Of course, I wish the ensemble were a little more exciting and I wish my pose didn’t look so incredibly awkward, but to quote my hubby when he never knows exactly what to say next – “it is what it is.” 

Ann Taylor Loft t-shirt, Gap vest, Gap jeans, DSW boots, TJ Maxx scarf, Michael Kors watch

And here are the 3 stinky boys behind the camera.  David snapped every. single. shot. and he says he had fun doing it.  But when I asked him if he wanted to do it every. single. day. so I could start my own style blog, he said, “Um, not so much.” 

I hope you enjoyed following my 30 for 30 Remix Challenge as much as I did doing it.  And I really appreciate all the fun and thoughtful comments everyone wrote every day.  Thank you.  You all know how to make a girl feel good.

Starting now, you will be returned to regular 3 Stinky Boys and Me programing.

I know you missed David’s husbandisms.  I know you did.  Admit it.   

30 for 30 Challenge – Day 28

Monday, February 28th, 2011

The best part about Kendi’s 30 for 30 Remix Challenge:  my boys.  They think it’s hilarious that daddy takes pictures of mommy in all her outfits.  For this particular photo shoot, Latham grabbed a clothes hanger and pretended it was a camera so he could snap pictures of mommy, too.  “Mommy, say CHEESEBURGER,” my 2-year-old singsonged over, over, and over again.  And then he wanted in on the action, himself. 

Anthropologie jacket, Ann Taylor Loft t-shirt, Gap jeans, Kenneth Cole ring, TX Maxx scarf, Vera Wang for Kohl’s shoes

30 for 30 Challenge – Day 19

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

I’ve been all sorts of obsessed with the color pink these days.  And I really, really, really want to paint our guest bedroom a pretty pale version of soft shade.  David thinks I want to incorporate more feminine frills into my life because I’m surrounded by my 3 stinky boys all day, every day.  And I think he’s right.  I mean, when I ask my husband why he’s grumpy and he responds, “I’m not grumpy, I just have to poop,” – I think I deserve a pretty pink room.  Don’t you?  But since I can’t live in pink yet, I guess I’ll just have to dress in it.  And that’s okay.  For now.

Gap sweater, Gap jeans, Ann Taylor Loft scarf, Ann Taylor Loft t-shirt, Vera Wang for Kohl’s shoes, Gift from Hubby bracelet

30 for 30 Challenge – Day 8

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

I really like playing with pattern and I find myself doing it a lot during this month long 30 for 30 challenge.  Mixing different textures and patterns is a fabulous way to create more variety in your outfits, giving them some interesting depth which is definitely a must if you want to take a more individualistic and personal approach to dressing.

Yes, mixing patterns and textures can be tricky, which is why most people say they’d never do it.  But seriously, it can look amazing if done correctly!

Here, I paired a medium patterned purple striped shirt with a small patterned brown tweed vest.  Because I stayed in the same color family, it works.  You want your patterns to have the same overall hue with certain colors found in each.  Later in the week, I have planed an outfit mixing BIG and BOLD patterns.  And I’ll have tips for that type of dressing, too. 

And it’s hard to see, because my hair is so dark and I couldn’t get a good close up picture of it, but that is a purple pom pom headband I’m wearing.  And yes, I love it.

Target plaid shirt, Banana Republic tweed vest, Anthropologie headband, JC Penney bracelets & earrings, Gap jeans, DSW riding boots

30 for 30 Challenge – Day 7

Monday, February 7th, 2011

If you’re only looking for a few pieces this season, definitely consider getting a skinny cargo pant.

Initially, I had mixed feelings about them, probably because of my aversion to traditional cargos.  Those have always been too crunchy and utilitarian for my style.  Plus, the loose silhouette and giant pockets (although convenient) are never, never flattering– especially on people who are short like me.

But the new skinny cargos largely resolve those issues.  The sleeker silhouette makes a huge difference, and the pockets sit flatter to the body, which keeps them from adding extra bulk and width to the legs.  Overall, the effect is very sassy-girl-in-the-city as opposed to just-got-my-first-job-as-a-camp-counselor.

Marshalls jacket, Ann Taylor Loft shirt, Sanctuary pants, JC Penny boots, JC Penney necklace, Target earrings