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Take A Dip In the Pastel Pants Pond. The Water Feels Fine!

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

From bright pink to neon yellow, the world has dipped their legs into the candy-colored trend of brightly-hued denim.  And now I’m swimming in the pastel pants pond, too.  I can’t believe I finally found colored denim that fits and doesn’t make my bottom half look behemoth.

Thank you Ann Taylor.

I heart you.


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If This Doesn’t Put You in a Good Mood, I Don’t Know What Will

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

If the LC by Lauren Conrad collection for Kohl’s doesn’t put you in a good mood, I don’t know what will.  I mean, this girl is on roll, with her growing lifestyle sitebeauty blog and People StyleWatch gig.  Her spring 2012 collection is feminine, colorful and California-cool. There are spring dresses, skinny jeans, and breezy blouses in a mix of floral prints and light brights like coral, dusty rose and sky blue.  There is a perfect little black dress, a faux-leather jacket and a tailored blazer – all great wardrobe staples, while a yellow and white colorblock top, peplum vest and high-low skirt will let you check off all the latest trends without spending too much.  And you’ll gasp when you see all the sweet fashion jewelry.

Image 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11



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House Tour: Family Room

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

One of my guilty pleasures about meeting new people: taking a tour of their home.  I am such a fan of home decor and I love seeing how others style their own.  It’s been a while since you’ve sneaked a peek at my house, so I thought today, I’d give you a tour of our family room.

I’ve got five main colors going on in here: robin egg blue, avocado green, white, brown, and gold.  In our family room, you’ll find polka dot and stripe chairs, mixed with large paisley print valences hanging from a trio floor length windows.  Combining different prints adds a lot of texture, warmth, and playfulness to a room.  But here’s the thing – you must keep it in the main color palette.

To me, a room is all about finding and displaying the accessories you can not live without.  I love my little white rhinoceros that lives on the shelf, the pretty blue McCoy pottery I’ve collected over the years which holds Christmas cacti that not even I can kill, and the beautiful bezel mirrors I discovered on super sale at Target a year ago.  But the accessory I love the most:  the 3 1/2 foot letter ‘Y’ I bought from a thrift shop.  I was told, it used to be the ‘Y’ in the sign of a bakery shop which went out of business.  But when I first set eyes on my ‘Y’, it was a mess.  There was rust, and dents, and bolts that made David’s hands bleed when he removed them.  But through it all, I could see with a little love, a lot of elbow grease, and a coat of glossy white paint, my ‘Y’ would add a fun touch of personalization to our family room.  And it did.

I hope my guilty pleasure is yours as well, and you enjoy the tour of my family room.

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The Best and The Brightest – Orange

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Orange Crush. It’s the new red and looks best with a neutral, like beige or black.

how to wear orange

1. Nail Polish

2. Necklace

3. Button Down Shirt

4. Skirt

5. Jeans

6. Watch

7. Bracelet

8. Sunglasses

9. Clutch

10. Platforms

11. Lip Gloss

12. Dress

13. Tank Top

14. Cardigan

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The Best and The Brightest – Green

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

 Green.  Find your shade – whether kelly, mint, or olive.

How To Wear Green



1.  Silk Dress

2.  Drop Earrings

3.  Cargo Pants

4.  Tennis Shoes

5.  Shirt

6.  Maxi Dress

7.  Nail Polish

8.  Nail Polish

9.  Sunglasses

10.  Eyeshadow

11.  Sweater

12.  Chandelier Earrings

13.  Shorts

14.  Clutch

The Best and The Brightest – Blue

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Electric Blue.  A hue that flatters all skin tones.  how to wear electric blue



1.  Ballet Flat

2.  Pants

3.  Sash Belt

4.  Leather Belt

5.  Sunglasses

6.  Tights

7.  Shorts

8.  Dress

9.  Platform Pumps

10.  Skirt

11.  Bracelet

12.  Scarf

13.  Nano Wrist Strap

14.  Necklace

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The Best and The Brightest – Yellow

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Yellow.  You think you can’t wear it?  You can.  And the brighter, the better! 




1.  Scarf

2.  Sandals

3.  Shorts

4.  Tennis Shoes

5.  Belt

6.  Trench Coat

7.  Handbag

8.  Dress

9.  Bracelet

10.  Necklace

11.  Earrings

12.  Jeans

13.  Rain Boots

14.  Watch

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Oscars 2012 – Wearing Winter Whites

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

It may have been a black-tie-affair, but it was the color white that ruled the red carpet at the Academy Awards Sunday night.

Giuliana Rancic looked lovely in a white couture gown by designer Tony Ward, Milla Jovovich was stunning in Elie Saab couture, Gwyneth Paltrow donned a Tom Ford column gown with a cape, Octavia Spencer sparkled in Tadashi Shoji, Rooney Mara – who spent most of the awards season wearing black –  looked beautiful in a snow white Givenchy gown, and Jennifer Lopez sizzled in a custom Zuhair Murad couture gown with a plunging neckline and cut-out sleeves. 

My favorite look of the evening:  Rooney Mara.  The Vogue cover girl was stunning in the frosted fishtail ensemble with the sculptural bodice and gauzy overlay.  And I love that she accessorized it with little more than a red lip and a glossy chignon.

Wearing Winter White



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Loving Lace

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

If you think lace is just for brides, grandmothers, and girly-girls, think again.  Designers are taking the sweet, somewhat dated material, and making it super hip and current. 

I love this dress by Chelsea & Violet.  It puts a playful twist on skull print with a feminine fit and lace overlay.  The pretty silhouette is a perfect pick if you want to add edge without looking too serious.

Can you say date night dress?

skull clothing

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Belt It Out

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

You all have one – and if you don’t, you should.  Belts are my obsession.  I wear one with everything from dresses and blazers, to pants and cardigans.  And if you’re a little nervous about dipping your toe in the pop of color trend that’s so popular right now, a belt is an easy way to incorporate a crazy color into your outfit.

But here’s the thing:  storing belts drives me crazy.  For years, I’ve simply slung them over a wire hanger – and it never fails that the one I want, is always at the bottom.  Always.  So when I saw this jewelry tray on super sale while shopping the other day, I thought it might make a perfect home for all my beloved belts.

And it did.

A jewelry tray is a simple solution that worked for me and I just thought I’d share.  I mean, if I can save just one woman with my story, then my years of storage struggle have been totally worth it.  Totally.

storage solutions for the closet

storage solutions for the closet

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Valentine Goodie Guide

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Making blueberry lemon muffins in heart cupcake papers for my boys to take to preschool today totally put me in the Valentine’s Day spirit.  Reichen and Latham laughed, jumped up and down, and clapped like crazy at the thought of  passing out the sweet treats wrapped in the pretty print to all their friends. 

And that’s the same reaction I hope you have this holiday, but in case your loved one needs a little help, I put together the following Valentine Goodie Guide.


p.s.  David, just in case you’re reading this, #11 would totally make me laugh, jump up and down, and clap like crazy.  Just sayin’…

Valentine Gift Ideas

1.  Swatch Watch – red

2. Heart Stud Earrings

3. Heart Print Dress

4.  To Love YouGiclee

5.  Pleated Skirt

6.  Valentine Cupcake Papers

7.  Silk Scarf

8.  Heart Print Platform

9.  Red Heart Bobby Pins

10. Red Heart Pocket Mirror

11.  Swatch Watch – pink

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Would A J.Crew Model Wear It?

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

When shopping for lipstick, gloss, or tint, my internal monologue goes a little something like this: “Hmmm. It’s a super pretty color, but would a J.Crew model wear it?”


Just me?

Anyhow, nothing is fueling my interior monologue fire more than J.Crew’s February catalog.  I love the nearly nude eyes and the pop of pastel lips the models are wearing.

Now the fun part: searching a slew of spring shades for the perfect J.Crew-y color. 



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Sock It To Me

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

From striped shirt dresses to floral mini skirts, the entire Jason Wu for Target collaboration is totally covetable—and, at under sixty bucks a pop, remarkably affordable.  But what I heart most about the collection:  the styling.  I am loving the milkmaid braid and lace ankle socks the model wears in every look. 

*Photo via Jason Wu for Target 

I’ve never really worn anklet socks with my heels or loafers, but I’m totally going to give it a try.  All I need now are some super cute socks.  Here are a few of my favs.

1.  Pointelle 1937 Socks

2.  Big Dot Socks – Aqua

3. Meadowbloom 1937 socks

4. Fish Net Sock

5. Caged Bird

6. Opaque Ankle Sock

7. Nesting Dolls

8. Mini Strip Socks

9.  Big Dot Socks – Red

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Birchbox Beauty

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

One of my favorite gifts I received this holiday season: Birchbox. It’s the gift that keeps giving! And for beauty-a-holics like me, it totally feeds my addiction in an affordable way.

Birchbox, in case you haven’t heard, is a subscription service which delivers 4 – 5 sample beauty products to your mailbox once a month, every month, in a beautiful box with pink foil lettering.

And, I literally clapped and jumped up and down when I opened it and saw all the pretty packaging.

The best part: the goodies!  There were 5 good sized beauty products in the blind box, some I’ve heard of, some I haven’t.  And all of them totally worth trying.

The best part about Birchbox:  the price.  It only costs $10 a month to have the beauty box delivered to your door!

Try it!  You’ll like it!

Watts Up

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

I’m all about a pop of color pump these days.  I mean, does #8 look familiar?  I wore them to drinks and dinner just the other night.  But even though I own a pair of pretty pink pumps, that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve another. 

Neon yellow, anyone?


1.  Jessica Simpson Evannan


3.  MEASE Peach Yellow

4.  MEASE Fuchsia

5.  Karmine

6.  CAPECORAL Purple

7.  Love Me Patent Pump

8.  Jessica Simpson Evannan 

9.  CAPECORAL Orange